Leadership is a process of social influence in which a person organizes a group of people to achieve a common goal. It is a key ingredient for growth. Miracurall believes not in just any kind of leadership but Miraculous Leadership. This 3-day certification program with leaders work on the following traits:

i. Sensitivity towards influencing team members in order to get the job done.

ii. Creativity to manoeuvre through complex processes of developing organizations.

iii. Arrive at a balance of EQ & IQ and build better relationships.


All of us are giving presentations every moment. Yet consciousness creeps in when it’s announced formally that we have to stand in front of a group and present. This workshop by Miracurall offers a remedy to this fear where the presenter asks own self

Six ‘WH – questions’ (WHy, WHich, WHom, WHere, WHat & WHen) and become powerful in presenting in front of any audience.


Confident Communications by Miracurall focuses on development of each participant so that they grasp the message behind any communication much more easily, structure their own communication in a manner so that they are understood and present their queries & views more effectively with the use of body language & expressions.‏


A boat does not sail forward unless everyone is rowing in the same direction. Best of teams have one common goal that is to create a WE(V)- culture. Here is where Miracurall is unique. The team transformation workshop help the members bond through role-plays and experiential games.


Motivation is psychological phenomena which prompts person to achieve a desired state. Miracurall lends a helping hand in providing the motivational tools to inspire people beyond desires and achieve their dreams. This workshop on Mending Motivations is not an audio video seminar but of course a guiding philosophy on how to lead life differently.