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The formats of open seminars or shows are usually like this now a days:

  1. There is a panel of experts
  2. There is a paired set of engaged & disengaged audience
  3. The experts give prepared speeches
  4. Then there is a question answer round, where the audience asks questions and the experts share their views/ solutions.
  5. Often the experts show videos or tell their own life journey to success in order to inspire the audience.
  6. Amongst different genres of experts, e.g. the designers showcase their best clothes,shoes,watches as ‘display-on’ models/ celebrities who already have a fair idea on how to carry/ flaunt them.
  7. The film-makers showcase their own movies to draw audience as audience to their creations.
  8. The authors read out loud their own books to the audience perhaps to influence people with the power of imagination.
  9. The different breed of trainers walk the talk and chalk out loopholes of the audience and motivate individuals with humorous solutions.
  10. The advertisement industry experts share their experience of the advertisement process and tend to use jargons with which the audience sadly often fail to relate.


What if? -…We intend to alter the rules of the stage

What if? -…The audience at some point of time during the show takes the centrestage by moving up from the rows of seats allotted for them

What if? -… At that point of time, the panel of experts come off-stage to guide, inspire and offer growth tools for the audience on-stage? Thus, generating visions amongsts the audience in taking up the professions exhibited by the experts.

What if? -…The real moment of change in a seminar is felt while the experts are behind the curtains and the audience is under spotlight to perform and showcase their range of skill-sets on stage and find a Flash of Hope and arrive at the 1st step to take a Paradigm Shift in their Future/ Career/ Passion Plans?

I have witnessed till date in most seminars, that the questions that experts of different fields face from the audience is due to the following factors:

  • Audience’s inexperience with the experts’ services or products,
  • Audience’s willingness to get noticed under the same roof interacting with an expert in certain arena,
  • Audience’s hope to be there on stage some day like one of their idol-ideal-expert.
  • Audience’s failure in attempting to empathize with the expert’s painful journey of success, simply because of the fact how popular may the phrase sound ‘Every Foot Cannot Fit The Same Shoe’.
What do you people think?
Will this new feel be much more engaging and impactful?

Miracurall always believes in experimental-experiential learning rather than old-other forms of learning.

So, is the society ready for a change?

Will love to have some “feed forwards” on the above.

If you people say we are ready for the change then believe us, change will happen with the support of every individual, through participation.

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“If I can change and you can change, then the whole world can change”. ~Rocky Balboa


By Avik Dutta

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